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Peak Positions has been providing Google SEO services since 1999. Peak Positions Top Google SEO experts specialize in organic search engine placement.

Our comprehensive Google SEO Programs are cost-effective and powerful. Our Google SEO Consulting Company offers exclusive organic search engine optimization techniques, proprietary systems and proven strategies that secure and maintain premium keyword positions in the organic search engine results pages of Google and every major search engine, including: Yahoo, MSN – Bing, AOL, Ask Jeeves and more.

Take control of your industry with Google SEO programs that deliver top organic keyword rankings in all of the major search engines. Change the dynamics of your enterprise by outsourcing with the Top Google SEO Consulting company.

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Google Code Compliance & SEO Best Practices

Peak Positions adheres to all SEO best practices for website design utilizing HTML 5, W3C, and extensive CSS bringing you professional coding to describe the format and look of your site.

Our coders and technical engineers exercise the highest level of attention to detail with hand coded on-page optimization ranging from header selection and qualified links to keywords and a plethora of tags. You can rest assured that Peak Positions never cuts corners or outsources, delivering Google compliant code on every page giving your company competitive advantages and higher keyword rankings. Most importantly, fanatic adherence to best practices and compliance streamlines the code composition providing bonus algorithm points from: Google, Yahoo, Bing and other search engines. We build code to last and that means your website will have greater resistance to future updates by Google, resulting in more consistent top organic keyword rankings.


Our SEO firm is comprised of a world class team of qualified coders, web designers, developers & SEO copywriters who strive to bring clients the highest quality SEO services in the industry.

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Google SEO Services Overview

Peak Positions provides SEO Consulting services and expert search engine optimization guidance for leading companies throughout North America. Our Michigan SEO company consists of veteran Google SEO consultants and proven website optimization professionals offering insights and direction that address cutting edge developments taking place at Google, Yahoo, and MSN. Our SEO consulting clients rely on our dedication and commitment to search engine optimization (SEO) and our daily pursuit of new programming developments, nuances, and artificial intelligence enhancements being released by the keyword search engineering teams at Google, Yahoo, and MSN.

Leverage Our Google SEO Consulting Company Experience

Many of our SEO consulting company clients have been working with us for several years and appreciate our analytical approach and our time-tested, proven methodology. Our experienced team of SEO consulting and marketing professionals offers many years of professional advertising and marketing experience in all mediums: Television, Newspaper, Magazines, Direct Mail, Radio, Billboards and Digital Media. The diverse knowledge base of marketing and advertising media gives our Google SEO consulting company a unique perspective and insight on the burgeoning search engine marketing industry, acknowledged as the most effective form of advertising. Let us put our SEO consulting company experience and search engine expertise to work for you.

Return on Investment and Return on Equity

Many of our Google SEO consulting clients continue to report staggering return on investment figures. Return on investment percentages derived through expert SEO consulting and search engine optimization marketing campaigns that deliver significant new business revenue streams. Our Google SEO consulting company clients are realize new business development gains and percentage increases ranging from 300% or 400% up to 8000%. We view our SEO consulting company services as a long-term Return On Equity (ROE) proposition. Engaging a search engine site optimization and SEO consulting partnership with Peak Positions is one of the best long-term marketing investments any company can make. The exclusive organic search engine site optimization and SEO consulting systems available at Peak Positions focus on the technical fundamentals of your company website and form a solid foundation for the future. Our proven search engine site optimization programs and SEO consulting strategies provide the technical infrastructure that allows businesses to incorporate Google SEO best practices and address “search engine friendliness” as site features, elements, and new content solutions are delivered.

Take control of your industry through integrated Google SEO services that establish organic keyword exposure for your company websites, brands, and products on Google and all of the major search engines. Learn more about proven Google SEO services by visiting our seo site map. Contact Peak Positions SEO in Traverse City Michigan for a free Google SEO Consult and technical analysis of your website or Call 231-922-9460.

Google SEO Consulting Company Expertise

The SEO Consultants at Peak Positions offer Google SEO Consulting expertise in:

  • Spider Algorithm Synchronization
  • Search Engine Spiders and the Algorithms powering the leading Robot Crawlers
  • Autonomous Indexing & Keyword Ranking Systems employed by the leading search engines: Google, Yahoo, & MSN
  • Artificial Intelligence Advancements and Machine Learning Technologies employed by our Google SEO Company
  • URLs containing Query Strings (e.g. URLs ending like this: ?a=1&b=2&c=3)
  • Addressing W3C HTML Code Compliance and W3C HTML SEO Code Validation Issues
  • Dynamically Generated and Database-driven Web Sites (e.g. Cold Fusion, PHP, ASP, JSP, CGI)
  • Minimizing graphic elements of a website without sacrificing site design aesthetics
  • Maximizing Link Popularity by Strategically Outlining Interior Cross-Links/Cross-Linking Within Your Company Web Site
  • Robots Instructions and Robots.txt Files
  • Exclusive Content Delivery Systems and Relevant Content Natural WebSite Optimization Programs
  • Link Popularity Facts and Fictions
  • URL Naming Conventions
  • Google SEO Company Best Practices
  • Content Management Systems and the Impact They Have on Natural Web Site Optimization Efforts
  • E-commerce Shopping Cart Functions
  • Database Backends
  • Cookie Tracking
  • Secure URLs
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