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Using DALL·E 3 in Bing as an Alternative to Stock Images

November 13th, 2023

DALL·E 3, the revolutionary image generation model, now seamlessly integrated with Bing can help you generate not only cost-free alternatives to paid stock images, but also make them more relevant to your content. If you don’t have the budget for hundreds of stock images to compliment your current content use these tips to generate specific images in DALL·E 3 with detailed and industry specific prompts.

What is an Image Prompt in DALL·E 3?

DALL-E Generated Image using "a sunset over a bustling city" prompt

An image prompt in DALL-E 3 is a phrase or description that you provide to the AI to guide it in generating an image. You enter this prompt in a text box, and the AI uses it as a guide to create an image that matches your description. For example, if you want an image of a sunset over a city, your prompt might be “a sunset over a bustling city”. The AI will then generate an image based on this prompt.

The quality of the generated image can depend on the clarity and simplicity of the prompt. For instance, prompts like “an Atari video game cover showing a young lady using a private jet to get a coffee” or “a sports team logo of a reindeer with the text ‘NORTH POLE REINDEERS’ under the logo” have been found to produce interesting results but may lead to widely different images.

How to Write an Effective Image Prompt for Dall-E 3

  1. Be Specific:
    • Instead of a vague request like “a cat,” be specific about the cat’s features, pose, or surroundings. For example, “a playful tabby cat chasing a feather toy in a sunlit room.”
    • Specify colors, patterns, or specific elements you want in the image, like “a red vintage bicycle leaning against a graffiti-covered brick wall.”
  2. Add Directive Details:
    • Include specific actions or interactions to guide the image generation process. Instead of just “a person,” try “a person happily sipping coffee at a sidewalk cafe.”
    • Provide details about emotions or expressions to convey, such as “a joyful group of friends celebrating with confetti at a beach bonfire.”
  3. Avoid Complex Scenes:
    • Keep your prompts focused and straightforward. Instead of intricate scenes, break down the elements you desire. Instead of “a bustling cityscape at night,” try “a clear view of a city skyline with twinkling lights.”
    • Minimize unnecessary details or overly complicated scenarios, allowing the model to generate more accurate and visually striking results.
  4. Detailed Layout Requests:
    • If a specific layout is essential, explicitly state it. For instance, “a horizontal image with the subject centered and a blurred background,” or “a vertical composition with the main focus on the left side.”
    • Specify proportions or framing preferences to ensure the generated image aligns with your intended use or platform.
  5. Avoid Requests for Text:
    • DALL·E is focused on image generation, so refrain from requesting text within the image. If you need text, plan to add it later in a design tool. For example, instead of “a landscape with a motivational quote,” try “a serene mountain landscape.”

Using DALL-E 3 to Generate Different Image Styles

Unlocking the versatility of DALL·E 3 extends beyond mere image generation; it allows users to explore an array of distinctive styles, breathing life into their creative vision and creating images with a signature look which can help improve your overall brand recognition and website design.

To harness this capability effectively, begin by experimenting with varied prompts that focus on the desired aesthetic. Whether aiming for a surreal dreamscape, a vintage-inspired tableau, or a futuristic panorama, tweaking your prompt’s language to encapsulate these stylistic elements is key. Embrace the iterative nature of DALL·E 3 by refining your prompts based on the initial results, gradually steering the model towards the precise style you are looking for. Play with color schemes, textures, and spatial arrangements within your prompts to guide the model in producing images that embody diverse artistic expressions.

DALL-E Generated Computers Showing Graphs

Some Examples of Different Image Styles You Can Use

Art Medium: To harness the unique charm of various art mediums using DALL·E 3, craft prompts that capture the essence of your desired artistic style. For instance, if seeking an oil painting aesthetic, specify vivid brushstrokes, rich textures, and perhaps even the semblance of canvas. Experiment with terms like “painterly strokes” or “impressionistic composition” to guide the model towards emulating the characteristics of specific art mediums.

Digital Styles: For those drawn to the sleek and modern realm of digital art, tailor your prompts accordingly. Utilize language associated with digital tools and techniques, such as “clean lines,” “vector-inspired,” or “digital pixelation.” Experimenting with directives like “neon color palette” or “cyberpunk elements” can help channel the digital aesthetic you desire.

Retro-Themed: If the charm of bygone eras beckons, formulate prompts that encapsulate retro vibes. Specify the era, be it the ’80s with neon lights and arcade motifs or the ’60s with vintage color tones and groovy patterns. Employ keywords like “nostalgic,” “vintage hues,” or “retro filters” to guide DALL·E 3 towards generating images steeped in the desired throwback aesthetic.

Photography: To mimic the nuanced styles of photography, refine your prompts with specific terms related to photographic techniques. For instance, use phrases like “shallow depth of field,” “soft focus,” or “high contrast” to simulate particular photographic styles. Experiment with prompts that evoke the atmosphere of genres like portrait photography, landscape photography, or even experimental photography for diverse visual outcomes.

Objects: To generate images focusing on specific objects, provide detailed descriptions in your prompts. Specify colors, textures, and arrangements to guide DALL·E 3 in crafting the desired object-centric visuals. Whether it’s a sleek modern gadget, a vintage artifact, or a futuristic accessory, the more precise your language, the more accurately DALL·E 3 can bring your envisioned objects to life.

Tips For an Effective Image Prompt for your Industry

Medical AI Generated Stock Art Cartoon
  1. Specify Industry-Related Details: Include industry-specific terms, details, or elements relevant to your field. Whether it’s technology, healthcare, finance, or any other sector, incorporating industry jargon ensures that the generated images align with the context of your work.
  2. Focus on Key Visual Elements: Identify the core visual elements that represent your industry. If you’re in architecture, specify details about buildings, materials, or design styles. For fashion, highlight specific clothing items, fabrics, or fashion trends. Pinpointing these key elements guides DALL·E towards generating images that resonate with your industry.
  3. Consider Context and Setting: Take into account the setting or context in which the images will be used. For instance, if you’re in marketing, consider prompts that depict scenes relevant to advertising, social media, or promotional materials. Contextual prompts help DALL·E generate images suitable for your intended purpose.
  4. Adapt to Stylistic Preferences: Tailor your prompts to match the preferred visual style within your industry. Whether it’s a clean and corporate aesthetic, a playful and creative vibe, or a minimalistic design, use language that conveys the desired style. Experiment with terms like “professional,” “innovative,” or “minimalist” to guide the model.
  5. Iterate and Refine: Embrace the iterative nature of DALL·E. If the initial results don’t fully align with your expectations, refine and tweak your prompts. Experiment with different combinations of words, adjust details, and progressively narrow down the language to get more accurate and desirable outcomes.
  6. Consider Audience Perception: Keep your target audience in mind. If your industry caters to a specific demographic, incorporate elements that would resonate with that audience. This ensures that the generated images not only represent your industry but also appeal to the preferences of your target market.
  7. Balance Specificity and Creativity: Be specific about the details you need while leaving room for creative interpretation. This balance allows DALL·E to generate images that meet your industry requirements while infusing a touch of creativity and uniqueness.


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