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Tips to Help Optimize Your Website and Ensure Top Rankings

Remove Search Feature from WordPress for Security

April 18, 2023

All WordPress sites come with a search function built in whether your website needs it or not. If your website is not making use of the search feature you can use this helpful code to remove the functionality entirely helping to block an easy way for spammers to gain access to your site. How Do […]

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Adding JavaScript Snippets to an Individual WordPress Page

February 2, 2023

Does your WordPress website need to include custom JavaScript snippets for increased functionality or tracking? Including these lines of code via the WordPress block editor can be tricky for some users that may not be sure where the best location to include them is. Snippets of JavaScript such as Google events on conversion pages: Or […]

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A Simple Way to Stop Malicious Requests on Your WordPress Website

January 9, 2023

A malicious request on a WordPress website signifies an HTTP request made with harmful intent to exploit vulnerabilities and compromise the site’s security. These requests come in various forms, including SQL injection, Cross-Site Scripting, brute force attacks, and file inclusion attempts, among others. Hackers often target WordPress sites due to their popularity, making it imperative […]

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How to Test if Your Website is Mobile Ready and Responsive

December 21, 2022

Ensuring that your website is responsive for Mobile SEO is crucial for various reasons, spanning optimization, search rankings, usability, conversions, and ease of use. By automatically adapting to various screen sizes and orientations, responsive design eliminates the need for separate mobile sites or apps, streamlining content management and ensuring a consistent user experience. Why is […]

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How to Migrate Your eCommerce Website to WordPress

November 6, 2022

Migrating your eCommerce storefront to WordPress can be a strategic move, offering a new realm of possibilities for your online business. With the myriad of eCommerce platforms available today, each with its strengths and limitations, it’s essential to evaluate your options and consider the benefits of making the transition. In this article, we will explore […]

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Is Drupal More Secure Than WordPress?

September 12, 2022

The debate over whether Drupal is more secure than WordPress has been a longstanding one in the realm of content management systems. To begin, it’s important to acknowledge that WordPress has often faced a somewhat unfair criticism when it comes to security concerns. Both WordPress and Drupal’s “core” systems have experienced significant vulnerabilities over the […]

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Benefits of Restaurant Schema Markup to Bring in New Customers

August 29, 2022

The use of Restaurant Schema Markup for your restaurant’s website offers numerous benefits to enhance your restaurants organic search rankings, and attract new customers. Schema Markup provides search engines with structured information about your restaurant, making it easier for them to understand and display relevant details in search results. This can result in rich snippets, […]

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Choose the Right Username and Password for WordPress Security

June 21, 2022

Many WordPress users make the mistake of setting up their WordPress website with easy to guess passwords or common usernames which can lead to a higher risk of brute force attacks. What is a brute force attack? A brute force attack is a method of attempting to gain unauthorized access to a system, account, or […]

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Add Shortcode to WordPress Template

April 1, 2022

In WordPress, shortcodes are small pieces of code enclosed in square brackets (e.g., [shortcode]) that allow you to insert dynamic content or perform specific functions within your posts, pages, or widgets. Shortcodes are a user-friendly way to add complex features or functionality without having to write custom code. Adding a shortcode directly into a WordPress […]

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Disable the WordPress Admin Bar Without a Plugin

January 10, 2022

Is the WordPress admin bar getting in the way of some of your websites functionality or not really needed by your users? The WordPress admin bar is a horizontal bar that appears at the top of your WordPress website when you are logged in as an administrator or another user with appropriate permissions. It provides […]

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