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Harness the Power of Promotions in Google Merchant Center This Holiday Season

November 21st, 2023

Do you have upcoming specials on your eCommerce website this year? Be sure to use the promotions feature within Google Merchant Center this holiday season to help significantly enhance your revenue and increase the visibility of your products. Offering special promotions serves as a powerful incentive for potential customers, enticing them to explore and make purchases. With the competitive nature of holiday shopping, promotions create a sense of urgency, driving conversion rates higher. The “special offer” tag on Google can help to capture potential customers attention and can set your products apart in search results.

What are Promotions in Google Merchant Center?

Promotions refer to special deals or discounts that you can associate with your products to make them more attractive to potential customers. These promotions are displayed alongside your product listings on Google, helping your items stand out and potentially increasing click-through rates and conversions. If you need assistance promoting your products in Merchant Center our expert E-Commerce Marketing team can help you today.

Google Shopping Promotion Pop Up

To inform potential customers about your offers on Google this holiday season, it’s essential to generate promotions. By attaching promotions to the products you list on Google platforms, customers will encounter a “special offer” link, showcasing discounts such as 15% off, free shipping, and more.

Promotions in Google Merchant Center can include various types of offers, such as:

  1. Percentage Off: Discounts expressed as a percentage, like “15% off” or “50% off.”
  2. Dollar Amount Off: Specific monetary discounts, such as “$10 off” or “$20 off.”
  3. Free Shipping: Offers for free shipping on the purchased products.
  4. Buy One Get One (BOGO): Deals where customers get an additional item for free or at a discounted rate when they purchase one.
  5. Bundle Discounts: Discounts applied when customers buy a set of items together.

How to Create Promotions in Google Merchant Center

Promotion Builder:

You can find the promotion builder within the “Promotions” dashboard of your Merchant Center account. This tool enables you to manually input individual promotions. If you’re dealing with a limited number of promotions, utilize the promotion builder for a straightforward submission process.

  1. Sign in to your Merchant Center account.
  2. Navigate to Marketing in the menu and click on Promotions.
  3. Click the plus button (+).
  4. Choose the country and language for the promotion.
  5. Indicate the destination or destinations where you want the promotion displayed: Shopping ads, Free listings, Buy on Google listings, or Local inventory ads.
  6. Select the most suitable promotion categories for your special offer.
  7. Follow the prompts and then click Save.

The promotion builder allows you to add promotions in the following categories:

  • Amount off: Provide a monetary discount for your items.
  • Percent off: Extend a percentage discount for your items.
  • Free gift: Present a complimentary gift based on an item purchase or total amount spent.
  • Free shipping: Promote free shipping based on an item purchase or total amount spent (not applicable for local inventory ads).
Holiday Promotions in Merchant Center

The promotion builder allows you to define spending thresholds, discount values, gift details, and additional parameters. Once you have chosen your promotion category, the promotion builder tool will present all relevant options for your specific promotion. Follow the provided prompts and guidance to craft your promotion seamlessly. All promotions will now appear in your dashboard.

Promotions Feed:

The promotions feed is a comprehensive spreadsheet with all the specials your online store is currently running online. If your eCommerce website is currently running a large volume of promotions, a promotions feed is the easiest way to manage them all at once.

To start your promotions feed, create a spreadsheet using a .txt file, .xml file, or log into Google Sheets and create it there. Google has provided a promotion sample feed for reference to help you get started. Once your promotions feed file has been created you will need to register and upload your promotions feed for use. This step establishes a designated location within the account where the file is recognized and placed by Merchant Center. It’s important to note that you only need to undergo this registration process once for each target country.

To register your feed, follow these steps:

  1. Sign in to your Merchant Center account.
  2. Navigate to Marketing in the menu.
  3. Click on Promotions.
  4. Locate Promotion feeds in the right corner.
  5. Click the plus button (+).
  6. Specify the mode, target country, content language, and name of your feed.
  7. Choose the method based on the way you created you feed file:
    • For Google Sheets:
      • Select Google Sheets and click Continue.
      • Choose to Generate a new Google spreadsheet from a template or Select an existing Google spreadsheet, then click Continue.
      • If generating a new Google spreadsheet:
        • Select Promotions, then Feeds.
        • Choose your promotions feed.
        • Click the three-dot icon in the upper right corner, then select Access Google Sheet.
        • Input your data using the provided template.
      • If selecting an existing Google spreadsheet:
        • Browse to locate the file on your computer and click Select.
        • Click Continue to upload your feed to Merchant Center.
    • For regular upload (.txt file, .xml file):
      • Select Upload and click Continue.
      • Enter the name of your feed file.
      • Choose Upload a file now.
      • Drag and drop your feed file into the dotted box or click Browse to locate the file on your computer, then click Open.
      • Confirm that the filename is accurate and click Continue to upload your feed to Merchant Center.

How Promotions in Google Merchant Center Can Help Increase Your Customers This Holiday Season

Promotions can be a powerful tool to increase customers and revenue in several ways, lets look at some of the benefits of using promotions for your eCommerce website:

  1. Attracting Attention: Promotions, especially those offering discounts or special deals, grab the attention of potential customers. When people see a promotion, they are more likely to explore the products or services being offered.
  2. Creating Urgency: Limited-time promotions or exclusive deals create a sense of urgency. Customers may feel compelled to make a purchase to take advantage of the special offer before it expires, thereby increasing the likelihood of immediate sales.
  3. Enhancing Competitiveness: In competitive markets, promotions can set your business apart from others. Customers may choose your products over competitors’ offerings if they perceive greater value due to discounts, freebies, or other promotional incentives.
  4. Encouraging Repeat Business: Promotions can incentivize repeat business. For example, a loyalty program or a “buy one, get one free” offer can encourage customers to return for future purchases, fostering customer loyalty and increasing the lifetime value of each customer.
  5. Expanding Customer Base: Promotions, especially those promoted through online channels, can attract new customers who may be enticed by the special deals. Word-of-mouth and social sharing of promotions can further expand your reach and bring in new clientele.
  6. Clearing Inventory: If you have excess inventory or seasonal items, promotions can help clear them out quickly. This not only prevents overstock but also generates revenue that might otherwise be lost.
  7. Boosting Online Visibility: On platforms like Google where promotions are highlighted, your products may receive increased visibility. This visibility can lead to higher click-through rates and more conversions, contributing to revenue growth.
  8. Building Brand Awareness: Well-executed promotions can contribute to positive brand associations. Customers may remember your brand for the value and savings offered through promotions, increasing overall brand awareness.
  9. Encouraging Larger Purchases: Certain promotions, such as “spend a certain amount and get a discount” or “buy one, get one at a reduced price,” can encourage customers to increase their order size to qualify for the promotion, thereby boosting the average transaction value.

Crafting enticing promotions, such as exclusive discounts, festive bundles, or limited-time offers, can grab the attention of holiday shoppers and drive them towards making purchases. If your team needs help with this critical aspect of holiday digital marketing, our team of eCommerce marketing specialists can help with creating tailored promotional strategies, optimizing product visibility, and leveraging digital marketing channels that can elevate your holiday campaign’s effectiveness.


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