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Track, analyze, and dominate with our keyword reporting services

Peak Positions can help your company effectively track the keywords that matter most to your business. Our keyword reporting services include comprehensive keyword research, ensuring that the chosen keywords align with your business objectives and target audience. With no keyword limits, you have the flexibility to monitor as many keywords as necessary. We provide monthly reports that offer detailed insights into keyword performance, highlighting progress, areas for improvement, and strategies for optimization.


Our SEO firm is comprised of a world class team of qualified coders, web designers, developers & SEO copywriters who strive to bring clients the highest quality SEO keyword reporting services in the industry.

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How to Choose the Most Effective Keywords For Your Business

Selecting the most effective keywords for your business is a strategic process that our expert Organic Website Optimization specialists can assist you with today. Selecting keywords begins with a thorough understanding of your target audience, industry, and business objectives, as well as the locations your business wants to target. Peak Positions can help you evaluate your keywords search volume, relevance, and competitiveness. Long-tail keywords, which are more specific phrases, can also be highly effective for niche markets.

What is Keyword Search Volume?
Keyword search volume refers to the number of times a specific keyword or keyword phrase is entered into a search engine during a given period, typically within a month. It is a crucial metric in keyword research as it provides insights into the popularity and potential demand for a particular search term.

What is an example of a long-tail keyword?
Long-tail keywords are typically longer and more specific keyword phrases than shorter, more generic keywords. Shorter keywords are more competitive and can take a longer time to rank on, such as the keyword “Digital Marketing” versus the long-tail keyword “Best digital marketing strategies for small businesses in 2023”.

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We harness the full potential of SEO keyword reporting to propel your business to new heights.

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Peak Positions SEO Keyword Reporting Services: No Limits

Peak Positions’ SEO keyword reporting services offer a comprehensive solution tailored to your businesses unique needs. What sets us apart is our commitment to delivering unlimited keyword tracking without imposing limits or additional charges per keyword, ensuring you can monitor as many keywords as necessary for your business. Our monthly reporting provides you with valuable insights into the status and performance of your keywords, comparing results to previous months for clear trend analysis. These reports are designed to be user-friendly, making it easy to grasp the data and understand your keyword strategy’s effectiveness. Most importantly, our services go beyond numbers – they actively contribute to improving areas where updates are necessary and identifying new keyword opportunities.
SEO Keyword Reporting

Using SEO Keyword Reports to Drive Results: Where Do You Rank This Month

Our SEO keyword reports are your ultimate reference for understanding your online visibility and search engine rankings. They provide a comprehensive snapshot of your search performance, informing you whether your website ranks within the first 10 pages of search results, and if so, precisely where. These reports not only highlight your current positions but also compare them to the previous month, shedding light on trends and shifts in your rankings. But it doesn’t stop at data – we partner with you to develop and refine strategies focused on improving rankings for the keywords that matter most to your business.

Why Choose Peak Positions For SEO Keyword Reporting?

Our SEO keyword reporting strategies are not one-size-fits-all but are tailored to your unique business objectives.


With a rich history working on SEO keyword reporting across virtually every industry and major business sector since 1999, including a Top 20 spot in global SEO rankings for over 15 consecutive years our experience is a cornerstone for your digital marketing success.


As a foremost authority in the field of SEO keyword reporting, Peak Positions offers unparalleled SEO keyword reporting services and expertise to globally renowned brands. Beyond our advanced SEO keyword reporting services, we provide your company with comprehensive digital marketing solutions.


At Peak Positions, we're deeply committed to your business's success. Our approach goes beyond standard service – we forge partnerships built on trust and collaboration. You're not just hiring a SEO keyword reporting company; you're welcoming a team that becomes an integral part of your journey.

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Don’t Pay Per Keyword Tracked, Get the Whole Picture

Unlike many SEO companies that charge per keyword tracked, we firmly believe that understanding your business’s rankings and online presence should be limitless. Charging more per keyword often restricts your ability to gain a comprehensive view of your online presence, as it discourages tracking numerous keywords that might be crucial for your success. This limitation can hinder your ability to identify valuable trends, areas for improvement, and new opportunities. Our approach eliminates the cost-per-keyword model, ensuring that you have the freedom to monitor as many keywords as necessary to gain a complete understanding of your online performance.

Key Considerations for SEO Keyword Tracking

  • Relevance: Tracking relevant keywords that align with your business goals and audience is crucial for success.
  • Search Volume: Monitoring keywords with significant search volume ensures you target terms that people are actively searching for.
  • Rankings: Tracking your keyword rankings helps gauge your website’s visibility in search engine results pages (SERPs).
  • Competitor Analysis: Understanding how your competitors rank for the same keywords can inform your strategy.
  • Trends: Identifying keyword trends helps you adapt to changing user behavior and market dynamics.
  • User Intent: Recognizing user intent behind keywords enables you to create more targeted content.
  • Conversions: Monitoring which keywords lead to conversions is vital for ROI analysis.
  • Local vs. Global: Distinguishing between local and global keywords is crucial for location-based businesses.
  • Long-Tail Keywords: Tracking long-tail keywords helps capture niche audiences and specific user needs.
  • Data Analysis: Utilizing keyword data for informed decision-making and ongoing optimization is key to SEO success.
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