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The Most Effective Form Of Internet Marketing Is Organic Search

Peak Positions Organic SEO provides organic search marketing, organic search engine optimization, and Google organic search marketing services that include expert organic search marketing guidance for leading companies throughout the world.

The Most Effective Form Of Search Engine Marketing Is Organic Search Engine Optimization. Internet keyword search studies confirm that keyword searchers prefer the organic search listings 6 to 1 over the PPC search engine marketing sponsored ads. This organic SEO vs. SEM PPC click through advantage often increases to 7 or 8 to 1 if the keyword search query is B2B based.


Our SEO firm is comprised of a world class team of qualified coders, web designers, developers & SEO copywriters who strive to bring clients the highest quality SEO services in the industry.

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Securing top keyword placements in the organic search results serves as a search engine endorsement of your company, products, and services and also helps alter the mindset of keyword searchers making them much more inquisitive and curious as to the content(s) of your website, this mindset conditioning event occurs prior to exposure to your website an leads to increased page views per website visitor, more time spent on your site by users, and higher conversion rates especially with phone calls and email inquiries. These website traffic advantages can only be provided by securing top keyword placements in the organic search engine listings.

The sponsored ads have much less impact as they are simply purchased advertising units and hold little clout or credibility with search engine users who are becoming much more savvy and comfortable with the results pages on their favorite major search engine (MSN, Yahoo, Google – all spidered engines – now represent 98% of all domestic search traffic). Keep in mind searching is the second most popular online activity and most Internet users have been searching their favorite search engine (primarily Google) several times a day for several years now and are typically seeking information, versus ecommerce transactions. Keyword Searchers are reading the text descriptions of sites ranking in the top 20 organic results in an effort to determine which site serves their immediate “Top of Mind Keyword Need”. Consider the power that securing an organic endorsement of your corporate website and its content(s) by a major search engine holds. If your corporate site is found early and often on the keywords that best describe and define your industry and the products, services, and solutions that your company provides you have just moved into a powerful, industry leading position and hold a remarkable advantage over your competitors. In a nutshell, you are in the industry driver’s seat!

If you and your staff are prepared to work with substantial volumes of new, in-market, keyword qualified leads, that top organic keyword positions deliver, than it is safe to say that organic search marketing will dynamically overhaul your enterprise. It’s also a proven fact that if a commitment is made to serve users and drive relevant content on your corporate website, Peak Positions is prepared to lead your Organic SEO Initiatives and fuel the ensuing growth. Discover the Peak Positions difference and learn more about our proven technical skill sets, work ethic, commitment to organic SEO (we do not provide PPC management – we do provide PPC consulting guidance to help curb PPC/SEM budgets, and also to help reduce or eliminate Pay Per Click Fraud) , and our dedication to our clients which are the foundation of our industry leading client retention rate. Our client relationships are long-term. We enjoy removing the self-marketed hype, seo smoke and mirrors, and “voodoo” preferring to truly partner with our clients in serving users with relevant content and driving significant volumes of new business for them.

Leverage Our Organic Search Marketing Company Experience

Many of our SEO consulting company clients have been working with us for several years and appreciate our analytical approach and our time-tested, proven methodology. Our experienced team of SEO consulting and marketing professionals offers many years of professional advertising and marketing experience in all mediums: Television, Newspaper, Magazines, Direct Mail, Radio, Billboards and Digital Media. The diverse knowledge base of marketing and advertising media gives our Google SEO consulting company a unique perspective and insight on the burgeoning search engine marketing industry, acknowledged as the most effective form of advertising. Let us put our SEO consulting company experience and search engine expertise to work for you.

Return on Investment and Return on Equity

Many of our Google SEO consulting clients continue to report staggering return on investment figures. Return on investment percentages derived through expert SEO consulting and search engine optimization marketing campaigns that deliver significant new business revenue streams. Our Google SEO consulting company clients are realize new business development gains and percentage increases ranging from 300% or 400% up to 8000%. We view our SEO consulting company services as a long-term Return On Equity (ROE) proposition. Engaging a search engine site optimization and SEO consulting partnership with Peak Positions is one of the best long-term marketing investments any company can make. The exclusive organic search engine site optimization and SEO consulting systems available at Peak Positions focus on the technical fundamentals of your company website and form a solid foundation for the future. Our proven search engine site optimization programs and SEO consulting strategies provide the technical infrastructure that allow businesses to incorporate Google SEO best practices and address “search engine friendliness” as site features, elements, and new content solutions are delivered.

Organic Search Marketing Company Expertise

The SEO Consultants at Peak Positions offer Organic Search Marketing expertise in:

  • Rank Higher in Organic Search
  • Spider Algorithm Synchronization
  • Search Engine Spiders and the Algorithms powering the leading Robot Crawlers
  • Organic Search
  • Autonomous Indexing & Keyword Ranking Systems employed by the leading search engines: Google, Yahoo, & MSN
  • Artificial Intelligence Advancements and Machine Learning Technologies employed by our Google SEO Company
  • URLs containing Query Strings (e.g. URLs ending like this: ?a=1&b=2&c=3)
  • Addressing W3C HTML Code Compliance and W3C HTML SEO Code Validation Issues
  • Dynamically Generated and Database-driven Web Sites (e.g. Cold Fusion, PHP, ASP, JSP, CGI)
  • Minimizing graphic elements of a website without sacrificing site design aesthetics
  • Organic Search Marketing
  • Maximizing Link Popularity by Strategically Outlining Interior Cross-Links/Cross-Linking Within Your Company Web Site
  • Robots Instructions and Robots.txt Files
  • Exclusive Content Delivery Systems and Relevant Content Natural WebSite Optimization Programs
  • Link Popularity Facts and Fictions
  • URL Naming Conventions
  • Higher Organic Keyword Rankings
  • Google SEO Company Best Practices
  • Content Management Systems and the Impact They Have on Natural Web Site Optimization Efforts
  • E-commerce Shopping Cart Functions
  • Database Backends
  • Cookie Tracking
  • Secure URLs
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