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Peak Positions, a privately held Michigan SEO company and leading internet marketing firm based in Traverse City SEO search engine optimization and Michigan SEO consulting services. Natural search engine optimization (vs. pay per click) is an acquired art and internet marketing skill designed to ensure that website properties rank well when target keyword phrases are used in an internet keyword search query.

Michigan SEO Company Peak Positions of Traverse City Michigan, is an industry leading search engine optimization firm offering proven Michigan SEO and internet marketing solutions that ensure client websites appears early and often on the keyword search results pages of; Google, Yahoo, MSN, AOL and more.

In the past, search engine optimization could often become as successful simply by adding meta tags to the source code of a website in the hope that when internet searchers searched the keywords, the website would list high in the search results.

Jaws still drop in company boardrooms and Internet marketing meetings when our Michigan SEO consultants demonstrate that meta keywords alone, rarely lead to premium keyword rankings on the major search engines, and in some cases, improper use of meta tags and meta keywords actually serve to restrict natural search engine placement.

In the words of the legendary Detroit, Michigan radio announcer Ernie Harwell, famous for his Detroit Tigers radio broadcasts formerly heard on the “Great Voice of the Great Lakes” WJR AM 760 Detroit: Keywords are “Long Gone”.

The algorithms that power the search engine spiders and robot crawlers that solely determine the placement of links on the keyword search results pages and the long-term internet marketing success of any Michigan company WebSite have been re-programmed and reduce their reliance on often manipulative meta tag information. The search engine spiders that control 98% of internet keyword search results worldwide favor relevant page content and often ignore the meta keyword areas often designed by webmasters to fool the spiders and manipulate the search results. Peter Norvig, The director of organic search quality at Google recently stated that “Meta Data Cannot Be Trusted, Our Googlebot Spiders are Programmed to Locate Relevant Content” (entire Peter Norvig interview here).


Our SEO firm is comprised of a world class team of qualified coders, web designers, developers & SEO copywriters who strive to bring clients the highest quality SEO services in the industry.

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Michigan companies seeking to be consistently found on the big four major search engines: Google, Yahoo, and MSN that now deliver the results for more than 96% of all domestic internet search activity, must now shift their focus from meta tags to several much more important web page elements that are all directly related to and hinge on the single most critical element of any company website internet marketing strategy: Relevant Content.

Who Controls Your Industry?

Our Michigan SEO Company and internet marketing technical SEO consulting team bets we can find that company early in the keyword search results pages on: Google, Yahoo, and MSN.

  • Is your Michigan company a leader in your industry?
  • Do the major search engines view your Michigan company as an industry leader?
  • If so, then the general public worldwide also views your Michigan company as an industry leader.

Take Control of Your Industry With Premium Keyword Rankings on the Major Search Engines

Peak Positions SEO a leading Michigan internet marketing company helps companies become the authority in their field by controlling the keyword search results pages of defining keyword phrases that best describe all facets of their respective industry. The importance of being found on keyword search queries relating to your business has never been greater.

Progressive companies seeking increased search exposure and higher keyword rankings on the major search engines should consider:

Michigan SEO search marketing solutions as a core fundamental element of their Michigan internet marketing business strategy. The brand impression created when Google, Yahoo, MSN and AOL endorse your Michigan company website by placing your enterprise at the top of their keyword search results is unsurpassed. The market advantages search engine placement campaigns that result in your Michigan company website being positioned above your industry competitors on a regular basis can change the dynamics and future course of your Michigan company more than any other available internet marketing opportunity. Keep in mind that 96% of all first time WebSite visitors are actually delivered to a WebSite by a search engine.

Ask our Michigan SEO Company and Natural WebSite Optimization clients and they will tell you that the search engines generate a tremendous amount of new business and internet marketing revenues.

You know your Michigan company needs help with Internet Marketing and Organic Search Engine Optimization efforts, but where do you start?

Should you outsource this critical internet marketing job to a Michigan SEO consulting company?

How do you select an internet marketing consultant or Michigan SEO consulting company for the job?

Making The Right SEO Outsourcing Decision for your Company:

Michigan website owners, company officials, and corporate marketing managers that are involved in internet marketing efforts need to outsource and partner with a proven Michigan SEO Company based in the great lakes state with years of proven search engine optimization and SEO consulting experience with one of the strongest client rosters in internet marketing industry. Work with a Michigan SEO Company that features veteran website optimizers and the most talented technical staff, that applies (100% in-house) man-hours and technical resources to a singular fundamental core SEO company mission; identification and dissection of the algorithm ranking formulas that now power the actions of the search engine spiders (robot crawlers) responsible for the order of links on the keyword search results pages at Google, Yahoo, AOL, and MSN.

Inside the Peak Positions SEO Company Laboratories in Traverse City, Michigan:

Our SEO technicians don their lab coats and microscopes and PROPERLY CODE ALL PAGES BY HAND versus defaulting to an off the shelf software system or other short-term topical procedures that only serve to game the binary based database retrieval systems in place at the major search engines. Participation with many of these deceptive, underhanded, and or mass distributed website promotional software programs result in penalties and possible ‘Blacklisting’ of sites caught using such automated, underhanded, and shady tactics that serve only to hinder search engine performance. Google and Yahoo are not particularly fond of non-conforming promotional programs that interfere with their thousands of Linux servers causing system load issues and conflicting with the huge open source networks programmed to provide instant keyword search results to upwards of 380 million keyword searches every day.

Peak Positions search engine optimization SEO company technicians are available to help reputable companies resolve keyword ranking or search engine exposure problems caused by involvement in a growing list of underhanded techniques such as: Cloaking, Free For All Link Farm participation, Doorway Pages, Automated Software Submissions, Google Bombing, Off site third-party server Redirects, Multiple IP Staging thru Hidden Frames, and more. The consequences of these unnatural and non-compliant tactics can be critical and lead to Long Term search engine exposure problems for any domain involved. The major search engines have punished several major companies and one of the world’s largest insurance companies was recently ‘blacklisted” for cloaking. This company wasn’t the first to be removed from Google’s public search database and they surely will not be the last. If you are researching available SEO Company Partners to outsource and work with it pays to review company track records, proof of performance reports, and also to check with past and present clients of any SEO company.

We recommend that all companies choose their SEO company and site optimization vendors wisely, ask for company references and company testimonials. Also beware of online SEO buyers guides and manuals being promoted to help companies find a qualified SEO company or search engine optimization firms. Many of these SEO buyers guides, etc. have ulterior motives and hidden economic relationships that prevent objective reviews and often present jaded comparisons and biased reviews. SEO company Testimonials, SEO company client retention rates, and proof of performance reports, years optimizing websites, etc. are much more indicative of any Michigan SEO Company capabilities.

Outsource with Peak Positions an industry leading SEO Company based in Traverse City Michigan:

Let our skilled Michigan SEO company technical team align and synchronize your internet website property with the algorithmic formulas and robot crawlers (spiders) that dictate the order of links on the search engine results pages, thereby framing public perceptions that sway decision makers on a daily basis. Our ability to not only secure premium keyword positions, but more importantly, maintain page one top five premium keyword rankings in an ethical manner that hinges on the relevant content of the site involved is why our client retention rate is unsurpassed and also why our client roster is nearly unchallenged. Other factors that continue to fuel the growth of Michigan SEO Company Peak Positions is our ability to understand the marketing goals and business objectives of the major companies that we choose to partner with Long-Term.

Michigan SEO Company has Media Savvy Team:

Our SEO team offers a rare combination of skill sets that helps our clients drive internet marketing revenues. Our team is comprised of marketing pros who have been held senior management positions in all forms of media working for many of the world’s leading media companies. Our SEO company has an extensive background in the advertising, corporate branding, consumer product positioning and B2B marketing fields with experience that allows our team to formulate winning SEO strategies that help our company partners grow and achieve new business development goals. Team members at Peak Positions have held mid-level, top-level, and senior management positions in most forms of publishing, mass media and broadcast operations. Newspapers, Magazines, Television, Radio, Billboards, Direct Mail/Coupons, Brochures, Catalogs, Ezines, Website Development, Database Development, Email Marketing, eCRM, Affiliate Marketing Web Portals, and Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Consulting services.

Dedication to Natural Search Engine Optimization and Proven SEO Success:

Our entire SEO company team continues to be amazed by the staggering Return on Investment rates that our Natural Search Engine Optimization and Internet Marketing Campaigns deliver. Our company understands and thrives on the pressure of performing day to day in our highly competitive, performance-based search engine optimization – SEO industry

Terms of Service (TOS) Compliant Natural Site Optimization Programs:

Michigan SEO Company Peak Positions adheres to and abides by the Terms of Service (TOS) compliance guidelines in place at all the major search engines. Our SEO company Michigan has never been involved with any website being removed, blacklisted, or ‘tagged’ by the editorial teams at the major search engines. Our exclusive natural site optimization (SEO) and internet marketing company programs are in compliance with the established Terms of Services (TOS) standards and guidelines enforced by the major search engines. As an SEO industry leading natural search engine optimization company we are strictly focused on LONG-TERM SEO SOLUTIONS designed to enhance the Relevant Content of any web site or corporate internet property. Our technical SEO engineers reform and correct page coding issues in compliance with the established W3C HTML Code Compliance and W3C HTML Code Validation standards. W3C HTML code compliance and code validation is an emerging issue in the search engine marketing industry and the SEO team at Peak Positions has been at the forefront of the W3C code validation standards and page code compliance movement for several years. Is the code of your web pages in compliance with the established W3C HTML worldwide validation standards…

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