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Meta AI Goes Global with Meta Llama 3 Integration

April 18th, 2024

Meta AI, the smart assistant that helps you out on Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, and Messenger, is now going global! You can find it in more than a dozen countries outside the U.S., including places like Australia, Canada, Nigeria, and Singapore. This means more people can now use it to get stuff done, learn new things, and connect with others.

What’s making this possible? It’s all thanks to Meta Llama 3, the latest tech that’s making Meta AI faster and smarter than ever. Whether you’re looking for a restaurant with vegan options, planning a weekend getaway, or studying for a test, Meta AI has your back.

And it’s not just on your phone anymore. You can now access Meta AI on the web too. Need help with a math problem or want to sound more professional in your work emails? Just hop on to, and Meta AI will lend a hand.

Meta AI is also making it easier to find what you need without jumping between apps. Say you’re planning a ski trip with friends on Messenger. With Meta AI, you can search for flights and find the best time to go, all without leaving the chat.

Plus, Meta AI is now helping you get more creative! With its Imagine feature, you can turn your ideas into pictures instantly. Whether you’re designing album covers or birthday decorations, Meta AI can bring your vision to life in a snap.

Excitingly, there’s even more to come. Meta is working on bringing Meta AI to other cool gadgets like smart glasses and VR headsets. So stay tuned for even more ways to make your life easier with Meta AI!


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