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Google Empowers Advertisers with Enhanced Tools for Demand Gen Campaigns

April 16th, 2024

Google is rolling out new features for its Demand Gen campaigns, aiming to empower advertisers in crafting captivating narratives across its platforms.

Introduced last year, Demand Gen campaigns were aimed at helping advertisers generate and convert new demand through visual storytelling on Google’s platforms like YouTube, YouTube Shorts, Discover, and Gmail. Now, Google is upping the ante by providing advertisers with advanced tools to navigate the ever-changing digital advertising space more effectively.

Starting today, advertisers worldwide can access generative image tools within Demand Gen campaigns in English, with more languages slated to follow later this year. Powered by Google AI, these tools streamline the process of creating high-quality image assets by generating visually stunning visuals in just a few simple steps, guided by user-provided prompts. Additionally, advertisers can replicate successful image styles with the new “Generate more like this” feature, allowing for greater creative impact with minimal effort.

With these generative image tools, advertisers can experiment with new creative concepts efficiently, whether exploring different visual styles or building visuals from scratch. By providing text prompts tailored to their business or client’s needs, advertisers can leverage Google AI to generate image assets aligned with their campaign objectives.

Advertisers retain complete control over the generated images, ensuring alignment with their brand identity and messaging. Google emphasizes its commitment to responsible AI development, prioritizing principles of fairness, privacy, and security. Technical measures are implemented to guarantee the uniqueness of generated content, preventing the creation of identical images and incorporating identifiers to distinguish generated images from user-uploaded content.

To enhance engagement and drive results, advertisers are encouraged to diversify their creative strategy with multi-format ads. Those running both video and image ads within Demand Gen campaigns have witnessed a 6% increase in conversions per dollar compared to those solely utilizing image ads.

Google provides additional guidance for advertisers to optimize their creative storytelling on YouTube and Google platforms, emphasizing the importance of providing diverse assets, utilizing high-quality visuals, and evaluating performance for continuous optimization. Resources including creative excellence guides and best practices are available to aid advertisers in building impactful campaigns.

Advertisers eager to explore these enhanced capabilities can join Google Marketing Live 2024, a virtual livestream event scheduled for May 21, 2024. Attendees will gain insights into leveraging Google AI to drive business success.


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