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Bing Announces Innovative New Tools, Features, and Updates to Help Website Owners

April 10th, 2024

Bing Webmaster Tools continues to empower website owners with new tools and insights aimed at enhancing visibility and performance. Two of the latest additions, Top Insights and IndexNow Insights, are set to revolutionize how website owners fine-tune their online presence.

Top Insights Unveils Actionable Recommendations

Located within the Bing Webmaster Tools dashboard, Top Insights provides users with actionable recommendations to optimize their websites effectively. This feature breaks down complex data into understandable metrics, offering insights into crucial aspects such as crawl errors, broken links, linking opportunities, and user behavioral impacts.

With Top Insights, website owners can investigate topics like “important pages missing in your sitemaps” and “how many pages with insufficient content” exist on their websites. This invaluable information enables users to identify areas for improvement swiftly, ensuring their websites are in top shape for optimal performance.

IndexNow Insights Boost Visibility and Rankings

Complementing Top Insights is the IndexNow Insights feature, which offers website owners detailed insights on IndexNow submitted URLs. This includes information on indexing status, crawl errors, and more. Notably, the “Important URLs Missing” tab provides insights into newly discovered links that were previously not visible in IndexNow, allowing users to optimize content and address technical issues promptly.

By leveraging both Top Insights and IndexNow Insights, website owners can track their website’s progress comprehensively. These features serve as indispensable tools to enhance visibility, performance, rankings, and overall impact.

Enhanced IndexNow Web Pages

In a bid to improve user experience and accessibility, Bing has revamped its IndexNow web pages with a fresh and user-friendly design. The updated pages now offer comprehensive information on IndexNow, including its functionality, benefits, and how to get started. Whether users seek insights on the protocol’s technical details or success stories of companies adopting IndexNow, all the information is conveniently available on the redesigned web pages.

IndexNow Crawl Optimization

Bing has also improved its crawl optimization capabilities, now crawling updated and deleted content much faster than before. This ensures that important changes to websites are reflected in search engine indexes within seconds or minutes. For website owners experiencing crawl issues, the new Top Insights and IndexNow Insights features in the Bing Webmaster Tools dashboard offer valuable guidance on resolving these issues effectively.


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