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Google Analytics Enhances Data Collection and Reporting Capabilities

February 13th, 2024

In a bid to empower users with more comprehensive insights into their digital properties, Google Analytics has announced significant updates to its platform. Effective February 9, 2024, Google has raised the event parameter limit for Google Analytics 360 properties, enabling the collection of event parameter values with a length of up to 500 characters, a significant expansion from the previous limit of 100 characters.

This enhancement particularly benefits users leveraging the Google Analytics for Firebase SDK for mobile apps, allowing for more detailed and nuanced data collection. By extending the parameter limit, analysts and marketers gain deeper visibility into user interactions and behaviors within mobile applications, facilitating more informed decision-making processes.

On February 8, 2024, Google introduced a suite of new manual traffic source dimensions and reports, further amplifying its analytics capabilities. These enhancements encompass user-scoped, session-scoped, and event-scoped variations of eight platform-agnostic traffic source dimensions:

  • Manual Source
  • Manual Medium
  • Manual Source / Medium
  • Manual Campaign Name
  • Manual Campaign ID
  • Manual Term
  • Manual Content
  • Manual Source Platform

These dimensions provide users with a granular understanding of traffic sources across various channels, facilitating consistent tracking and analysis of both paid and organic traffic. The addition of these dimensions is poised to significantly enhance cross-channel reporting, exploration, segmentation, and audience analysis within the Google Analytics ecosystem.

The introduction of a new Manual report offers users streamlined access to session-scoped dimensions, allowing for more efficient analysis of manual campaigns. By clicking on “View Manual campaigns” within the Acquisition overview report in the Life cycle collection, users can effortlessly delve into the performance of their manual campaigns, gaining actionable insights to optimize their marketing strategies.

These updates underscore Google’s commitment to empowering businesses and marketers with robust analytics tools, enabling them to extract actionable insights and drive measurable results in an increasingly competitive digital landscape. As organizations strive to refine their digital strategies and maximize ROI, the enhanced capabilities of Google Analytics serve as a valuable asset in achieving these objectives.


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