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OpenAI Partners with Axel Springer Publishing House

December 20th, 2023

Axel Springer is the world’s first publishing house to partner with OpenAI for a deeper integration of journalism into AI technologies.

Axel Springer and OpenAI join forces to enhance independent journalism in the AI era, enriching ChatGPT user experiences with authoritative content from Axel Springer’s media brands.

This global partnership delivers summaries of premium news content, from providers such as POLITICO, BUSINESS INSIDER, BILD, and WELT, to ChatGPT users worldwide. Answers provided by ChatGPT will transparently attribute and link to the full articles, offering users access to otherwise paid content.

The collaboration not only supports Axel Springer’s AI-driven initiatives but also contributes quality content for the advancement of OpenAI’s large language models. This strategic alliance underscores the shared commitment to leveraging AI for superior content experiences and fostering financial opportunities to ensure a sustainable future for journalism.

Advancing the Relationship Between Journalism and AI

The relationship between journalism and AI, exemplified by the Axel Springer and OpenAI partnership, is strategically designed to go beyond prompt answers from ChatGPT. By prioritizing transparency in responses, users are encouraged to explore the full context and depth of information through links to Axel Springer’s websites. The collaboration aims to foster curiosity-driven engagement by offering succinct yet intriguing summaries of premium news content, enticing users to delve deeper into stories on media brands such as POLITICO, BUSINESS INSIDER, BILD, and WELT.

The partnership hopes to provide an added incentive for users to stay connected. By offering access to otherwise paid content, ChatGPT not only enriches user experiences but also directs them toward Axel Springer’s websites, ensuring a more comprehensive engagement with the wealth of information available, thus reinforcing the mutually beneficial relationship between AI-driven responses and continued user interaction with journalistic platforms.

This collaboration presents a promising avenue for alleviating concerns within the journalism industry. By prioritizing transparency, fostering curiosity-driven engagement, and providing access to premium content, this partnership may help to not only enhance overall user experiences but also address potential worries about the impact of AI on web traffic from search engines. The conscientious approach to user interaction ensures that the relationship between AI-driven responses and journalistic content encourages sustained engagement, contributing positively to the vitality of the journalism industry in the future.


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