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Updates to Video Indexing in Video Mode Search Results

December 5th, 2023

Google has announced today that video indexing has been updated to only show your video content in the video mode search results if the video is the main content on the page. This change will start rolling out today and Google hopes it will lead to an overall better user experience when searching in video mode.

Google Video Mode Search

This new update will bring users to a page where the video is the main content, which means it is above the fold, prominent, and the main purpose of the page is to watch that video. This is a change in previous indexing in which complementary videos in blog posts or product detail pages could also display in the video mode search. If your video pages also display more than one video on a page and they are all of equal prominence they may no longer display in these search results.

Updates to Search Console Video Indexing Report

With this most recent change Google is also updating the Search Console video indexing report in order to simplify the report for its users and help them better identify why videos are not being indexed. The following issues were present for video issues in Search Console prior to this update:

  • Invalid video URL
  • Unsupported video format
  • Unknown video format
  • Inline data URLs cannot be used for video URLs
  • Video outside the viewport
  • Video too small
  • Video too tall

The new Search Console video indexing report will now display “No video indexed” if your video is not the main content of the page, and also give the new reason “Video is not the main content of the page”. Google expects this to lead to a overall drop of the videos indexed from individual websites and if you want to ensure your videos continue to be indexed you can follow the video best practices from Google for more information.

Video SEO Best Practices

Here are some quick best practices you can follow to ensure that you videos continue to display in the video mode search results after this update:

  1. Dedicated Page for Each Video:
    • Create a unique and dedicated page for each video on your website.
    • Optimize the page’s URL to include relevant keywords related to the video content.
    • Include a clear and concise video title that incorporates keywords.
  2. HTML Tags:
    • Embed your video using an appropriate HTML tag, such as <video> for self-hosted videos or <iframe> for videos hosted on platforms like YouTube.
    • Include a concise video description using relevant keywords.
    • Use header tags (H1, H2, etc.) to structure your content, with the video title in the H1 tag.
  3. Video Sitemap:
    • Create a video sitemap to provide search engines with information about the videos on your site.
    • Submit the video sitemap to Google Search Console to ensure proper indexing.
  4. Third-Party Platforms:
    • If embedding videos from third-party platforms, ensure the video is also available on a dedicated page on your site.
    • Optimize the third-party platform’s settings, including title, description, and tags.
  5. High-Quality Thumbnail:
    • Create an engaging and high-quality video thumbnail that accurately represents the content.
    • Use an image file format supported by search engines and ensure it is appropriately sized.
  6. Structured Data:
    • Implement schema markup for videos using VideoObject schema to provide additional information to search engines.
    • Include details like the video title, description, duration, upload date, and thumbnail URL in the markup.
  7. Supported Video Encodings:
    • Use video formats and encodings that are widely supported by search engines and browsers.
    • Optimize video file sizes for faster loading without compromising quality.
  8. Stable URLs:
    • Use stable and descriptive URLs for both video files and thumbnails.
    • Avoid changing URLs frequently to maintain consistency for search engines.

If you require assistance with your video content and want to ensure it contributes to generating leads for your website, our team of expert Web Developers can assist you in setting up your pages for swift indexing and ranking on relevant keywords. Contact us today for support.


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