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Google Ads Updates Location Asset Requirements

November 21st, 2023

Beginning in December 2023 Google will make an update to the Location asset requirements for Google Advertising accounts. This update will help to clarify the types of different location assets that are not allowed on Google Ads, including locations that are closed, not recognized by Google, or do not match the current business running the ad. These types of assets will no longer be allowed and assets with products or services that are not a match for the specified location will also not be allowed.

What are Location Assets in Google Ads?

Google Ads Location Asset

Location assets enable your ads to showcase essential information like your address, a map indicating your location, or the proximity of your business to assist users in locating your stores. When presented with your final ad, individuals can click or tap on your location to access additional information on your location page, consolidating the most pertinent business details in one accessible space. Location assets in your ads also have the potential to feature a phone number or a call button, creating an easy communication method for users seeking to contact your business.

These assets must adhere to the standard Google Ads policies and Location Asset Requirements which are being updated in December. Your Google Business Profile (GBP) account is the data source for location assets in your current Google Ads account. Remember that details about your business and images of your location are administered directly within your GBP account, and not within Google Ads.

How to Ensure Your Ads are Not Impacted By The Location Asset Update

To protect your ads from any impact arising from the Location Asset Update, consider the following precautions:

  1. Location Owner Approval:
    • Ensure that you have proper authorization as the owner or representative of the location associated with your ads. Verify that you have the necessary permissions to use the location information in your advertisements.
  2. Misleading Content:
    • Avoid incorporating misleading content in your ads, particularly regarding location details. Provide accurate and truthful information to users to maintain trust and transparency.
  3. Unclear Relevance:
    • Make certain that your ads are directly relevant to the location they represent. Ads should align with the actual services or products available at the specified location to enhance user experience and engagement.
  4. Trademarks:
    • Adhere to trademark policies to prevent any issues related to intellectual property. Ensure that your ads do not infringe on trademarks and comply with the guidelines set forth by the relevant authorities.

The new updates can impact your ads if you do not follow best practices for your location assets, ensure you are not advertising in Google Ads if any of the following is true for your location:

  1. Locations that are Closed:
    • Regularly update your location information to reflect closures accurately. Ensure that ads linked to closed locations are promptly adjusted to avoid misleading users.
  2. Locations not Recognized by Google:
    • Confirm that the locations you feature in your ads are recognized by Google. Unrecognized or inaccurately mapped locations may result in reduced visibility and effectiveness of your ads.
  3. Locations not Matching the Business Running the Ad:
    • Verify that the locations showcased in your ads correspond accurately to the business running the ad. Consistency in information helps build trust with users and avoids any potential confusion.
  4. Assets with Products or Services Mismatch:
    • Review your assets to guarantee that products or services featured align with the specified location. Mismatched information can lead to user dissatisfaction and diminish the relevance of your ads.

By adhering to these guidelines, you can help mitigate the risk of your ads being impacted by the Location Asset Update. Regularly review and update your ad content to align with policies and maintain a positive user experience, our team of Google AdWords specialists can help your team follow these best practices. Be aware of any changes in advertising policies to ensure continued compliance and effective ad performance.


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