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Facebook Organic A/B Testing API for Reels and Videos Announced

November 16th, 2023

Facebook has released a new Organic A/B Testing API today in order to allow developers using the API the ability to conduct A/B test experiments programmatically on new video and reel posts specifically within Facebook Pages and the New Pages Experience (AP+). This feature is accessible through third-party desktop applications and web experiences.

This new organic A/B testing tool is designed to enhance the performance of your posts. By examining the types of content that resonates most with your audience, you can identify new trends and make informed decisions for your future posts. The API update hopes to empower developers in assisting creators with maximizing the reach of their video content on Facebook. Through insights gained, creators can learn what adjustments can be implemented to enhance content distribution.

A/B Testing Illustration

How Does the New Facebook Organic A/B Testing API Work?

The new Facebook Organic A/B Testing API enables you to experiment with up to four different versions of a new post, comparing them to determine which one resonates best with your audience, helping to drive conversion and engagement. These variants represent distinct versions of a post, such as the same video with four different titles. Throughout the test, these posts are shared with a subset of your audience but are not publicly posted on your Page. Once the test concludes, the most successful post is published on your Page and distributed to your entire audience.

Meta has specified the new optimization metrics are: Reels Plays, Comments, Shares, Reactions, Impressions, Impressions Unique, Link clicks, Video Views 60s, Average Time Watched.

Can the New Facebook Organic A/B Testing API Help My Social Media Marketing?

The New Facebook Organic A/B Testing API can help you unlock valuable audience insights to refine your content strategy with the ability to create more engaging videos that resonate across a diverse audience. The tool not only allows you to scale content performance efficiently at a low cost but also streamlines the process by providing one implementation for enhancing results across both video and reel formats. This integration simplifies the optimization of content performance, empowering users to make impactful strides in their social media marketing efforts.


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