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Generative AI in Search Results Now in More Than 120 Countries and Territories

November 13th, 2023

Google has announce that the Search Generative Experience (SGE) has received its largest international expansion yet, bringing support for four new languages and other upgrades.

What is Search Generative Experience (SGE)?

Search Generative Experience (SGE) is a new feature developed by Google that uses generative AI to enhance the search experience. Here are some key points about SGE:

  • AI-Powered Overviews: SGE provides AI-powered overviews of search topics, allowing users to quickly understand a topic and uncover new viewpoints and insights.
  • Follow-Up Questions: Users can ask follow-up questions in a conversational manner. The context from previous questions is carried over, allowing for a more natural exploration of the topic.
  • Shopping Assistance: When searching for a product, SGE provides a snapshot of noteworthy factors to consider, along with product descriptions that include relevant, up-to-date reviews, ratings, prices, and product images.

What is in this most recent SGE update?

Generative AI Search Updates

With SGE Google is able to serve a wider range of information needs, show more links, and link to a wider ranger of sources on the search results page. With the recent expansion to more countries and territories users are finding SGE useful for more complex questions rather than simple keyword based searches.

SGE will now be available to users in new countries and territories including Mexico, Brazil, South Korea, Indonesia, Nigeria, Kenya and South Africa. Four new languages have also been introduced: Spanish, Portuguese, Korean and Indonesian.

Improvement in Follow Up Questions

Google has specified that its users are beginning to appreciate the ability to ask follow-up questions as this is a more natural way to seek information or dig deeper on their topic of interest. Google is currently trying out a new way for you to ask more questions right from the search results page. As you keep looking into a topic, you can easily check your past questions and the search results, Search ads will also appear in dedicated areas of the page.

More Context in Translations

Generative AI in Search aims to eliminate confusion when it comes to language translation. In the future, when you request Search to translate a phrase with words that have multiple meanings, those words will appear underlined. Simply tapping on any of them, will allow you to choose the exact meaning that accurately conveys your intended message. This feature might also pop up when you have to specify the gender of a particular word.

Definitions for Coding and Health Information

In August Google added new interactive methods for seeing definitions on educational topics, this functionality is now being expanded into more areas including coding and health information. During relevant searches, specific words will be highlighted. You can hover over them to get a sneak peek of their definition or check out related images. This enhancement will be gradually introduced over the next month, starting with English searches in the United States. Google has announced more countries and languages are anticipated to receive this update soon as well.

How to Leverage Generative AI in Search Results to Increase Your Leads

Here are some tips to harness the power of Generative AI in Search Results for boosting leads:

  1. Optimize Content for Natural Language: Create content that aligns with how people naturally express themselves. Generative AI often excels in understanding and responding to conversational language.
  2. Long-tail Keywords and Phrases: Incorporate long-tail keywords and phrases into your content. Generative AI tends to understand and respond well to more detailed and specific queries.
  3. Provide Clear and Detailed Information: Structure your SEO content to offer clear and detailed information. Generative AI may prioritize content that comprehensively addresses a user’s query.
  4. Implement Schema Markup: Use schema markup to provide context and structure to your content. This helps search engines understand the meaning and relationships between different elements on your page, making it more likely to be presented accurately in search results.
  5. Interactive Content and FAQs: Create interactive content, such as quizzes or FAQs, that encourages user engagement. Generative AI may recognize user intent more effectively through interactive elements.
  6. Optimize for Featured Snippets: Craft content that is concise and answers specific questions to increase the likelihood of being featured in snippets. Generative AI often pulls information from these snippets to provide quick and direct answers to user queries.
  7. Regularly Update and Refresh Content: Keep your content up-to-date to ensure its relevance. Generative AI may prioritize fresh and current information, improving your content’s visibility in search results.
  8. Mobile Optimization: Ensure that your website is mobile-friendly. Generative AI, like traditional search algorithms, considers mobile compatibility as a ranking factor. A seamless mobile experience can positively impact your search visibility.
  9. Utilize Local SEO Strategies: If applicable, implement local SEO strategies. Generative AI often considers location-based queries, so optimizing your content for local searches can enhance your visibility in relevant search results.
  10. Monitor Analytics and Iterate: Regularly analyze your website analytics to understand user behavior. Use this data to refine your content and SEO strategies, adapting to evolving search patterns and Generative AI algorithms.

By incorporating these best practices, you can leverage Generative AI in Search Results to enhance your online presence and overall organic search engine rankings, and ultimately increase leads for your business.


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