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Bing Webmaster Tools Now Available on Mobile Devices

November 9th, 2023

Bing has announced that Bing Webmaster Tools are now available to users using Android phones and tablets. This will allow Bing Webmaster Tools users the ability to manage their sites performance from anywhere via the new Android app which enhances your SEO toolkit.

The key features of the new Android app include:

  • Monitor Site Performance: Monitor your website’s visitors, search rankings, and crawling details. 
  • Identify and Fix Issues: Notifications about issues that may impact your search results, such as HTML markup or crawling errors can now be sent directly to your phone to ensure quick corrections.
  • Submit Sitemaps and URLs: The ability to submit sitemaps and individual URLs to Bing on the go allows users to ensure all of their pages are properly indexed. 
  • Analyze Keyword Performance: Keyword monitoring will allow users to check their performance on their chosen keywords.

Bing Webmaster Tools users who want to take advantage of the new app can download it via the Google Play store.

Get a grip on your website’s SEO game with the Bing Webmaster Tools Android App. Gain priceless insights, tackle issues on the spot, and boost your site’s visibility and traffic on Bing. Don’t miss out—grab the app now for a smooth and powerful mobile SEO experience. For help with your Organic Website Optimization in Bing contact our expert team today.


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