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Google Introduces Shopping Insights on Chrome

November 7th, 2023

Google has introduced a new feature in Chrome called Shopping Insights notifications which can help to increase your customers confidence via notifications when a product on your eCommerce website has a price that is equal to or lower than the typical price of the same product in other stores across the web.

The new Shopping Insights notifications feature is currently only available in the US and is automatically enabled for all eligible merchants.

How do Shopping Insights notifications work?

According to Google, Shopping Insights will pull from the product data you have uploaded into Merchant Center and show the notifications to customers who are using the Chrome browser on desktop websites. This will allow customers shopping on your eCommerce website that visit your product pages to view the new Shopping Insights button which appears on the right of the Chrome address bar. This new button will allow shoppers to open the new Shopping Insights panel which shows a range of data for more product information, this includes:

  • Typical price range of the product: Based on other eCommerce stores across the web selling the same product.
  • Price History: A price history chart that displays how the price of the product has changed over the past 90 days on all eCommerce sites selling that product.
  • Save and Track button: This button will allow your customers to sign up for email alerts if the price of the product drops on any eCommerce site.

How to Ensure your eCommerce Website Takes Advantage of the New Shopping Insights Notification

Make sure you eCommerce product data is up to date via Google Merchant Center or by using product type. This will allow Google to compare your products to others and show customers the best deals available ensuring they are informed that you eCommerce store has the best prices. Make sure you also optimized your eCommerce website with GTIN codes in order to ensure Google can compare your products with the same products across all websites.

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