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Google makes the switch to Mobile-First Indexing

October 31st, 2023

It’s been a long road, getting from there to here. We’re delighted to announce that the trek to Mobile First Indexing is now complete.

In 2015, Google Search initiated a noteworthy shift in its focus, with a particular emphasis on mobile devices, prompted by the mobile-friendly update. Subsequently, in 2016, a significant milestone was achieved with the introduction of mobile-first crawling and indexing. This pivotal change enabled Google Search to index content based on what users would experience when accessing a website via their mobile phones. This new approach to crawling and indexing, simulating a smartphone, marked a substantial transformation not only in Google’s internal infrastructure but also in the broader landscape of the World Wide Web. It introduced the requirement for mobile web pages to match the completeness of their desktop counterparts.

Some sites are still at odds with this update.

Google has also identified a sub set of websites which are non functional in mobile devices which can show errors to all mobile users. This can be caused by robots.txt redirects which only allow the desktop version to be crawled. Google will continue to crawl these sites with the legacy desktop Googleboy however the list will be evaluated a few times per year. Now is the time to ensure your website is fully optimized and responsive so you do not begin dropping out of the index.

How do I know if my website is Mobile Friendly?

To determine if your website is mobile-friendly, start by using Google’s Mobile-Friendly Test tool, which quickly assesses your site’s mobile compatibility and highlights any issues. Additionally, perform manual checks by visiting your site on various mobile devices and web browsers, ensuring that content and interactive features display correctly and are easy to navigate on smaller screens. Mobile emulators, browser developer tools, and third-party auditing services can also be valuable resources for evaluating mobile-friendliness. Google Search Console can provide insights into mobile usability issues, and conducting usability tests with real users on different devices can offer valuable feedback on the mobile user experience.

Search Console Updates

Due to all websites now being crawled with the mobile crawler the indexing crawler information in the settings page of Search Console is being removed. You can now reference the crawl stats report for information on how your site is currently being crawled.

Now is the Time to Update Your Website for Mobile

The updates made by Google, particularly the transition to mobile-first indexing, have underscored the critical importance of ensuring that your website is both responsive and optimized. With mobile devices taking the forefront in online interactions, Google’s shift towards prioritizing mobile content means that websites must be adaptable to various screen sizes and functionalities. Failing to do so not only risks exclusion from the index but also threatens the existing search rankings. Contact Peak Positions today to get your site up to date and optimized with our Website Design Services for the new Google Mobile First Indexing


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