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Google Introduces New Small Business Attribute

November 1st, 2023

Google is adding a new small business attribute to your Business information page in Merchant Center, which controls how customers see your products across Google’s services. This will allow new customers to filter search results in order to specify “Small Business” helping them to easier confirm where and with whom they are shopping. Some businesses, depending on the products they sell, and the number of locations they have may already have this attribute automatically added. The amount of web traffic going to your store can also affect this new attribute.

84% of people say supporting local and/or small businesses is important to them.

*Source: Google/Ipsos Buyer’s Remorse Survey, US, 2023, N=1,000 General Population Americans; plus oversample of online shoppers N=300; May 12-14, 2023.

How do I know if I count as a small business?

According to Google a small business includes those which are not a franchise and also have annual revenue of less than $10 million.

This also applies to independent sellers on various eCommerce marketplaces that meet this definition. Google recommends independent sellers reach out to their marketplace to encourage them to participate.

If you own a marketplace here are the steps you can take:

  1. Structure your Google Merchant Center account to separate individual sellers into individual seller-specific sub-accounts.
  2. Be willing and able to identify eligible sellers and opt your sellers in / out at their request.
  3. Agree to include the seller’s name in the offer listings on Google.

Any marketplaces that wish to opt in to this new small business attribute can submit a request to Google using this form.

Where do I find the Small Business Attribute in Merchant Center?

  1. On your business information page in Merchant Center you can access the small business attribute in the “About your business tab”.
  2. Once on the About your business tab scroll down to the “Business identity attributes” section, from there you can switch the toggle button next to the appropriate identity attributes that fit your business.
  3. After selecting the correct attributes for your business check the box next to “Include my business in promotions for…” if you would like your business and products to appear in searches featuring your selected attributes.

*Note: Only “Admin” users are able to view the “Business identity attributes” section.

Will a Small Business Attribute Help My Business Increase Conversions?

Identifying your business as a small business in Google Shopping can boost conversions by appealing to customers who value personalized service, unique products, and a sense of trust and credibility often associated with smaller enterprises. Emphasize your local presence, competitive pricing, and transparent business practices to engage with a niche market looking to support local businesses, ultimately leveraging the advantages of being a small business to increase sales and customer loyalty.

If you need assistance setting up your eCommerce website with Merchant Center or want to take advantage of the available attributes to increase your conversions contact our expert E-Commerce Marketing Services company today!


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