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Google introduces new HTTPS report in Search Console

September 14th, 2022

After last years implementation of the Page Experience report in search console, intended to help site owners with any issues on their site which may affect their rankings, HTTPS status has been added to help identify any non-secure pages on your website.

Why is HTTPS important on my website?

HTTPS is crucial for your website’s security, user trust, and search engine rankings. It encrypts the data exchanged between your website and visitors, safeguarding sensitive information such as login credentials and personal data from potential threats. This encryption not only protects your users but also enhances their confidence in your site, which can lead to higher engagement and conversions. Moreover, major search engines like Google give preference to HTTPS websites, potentially boosting your search rankings. In an era of increasing online security concerns, implementing HTTPS is not only a best practice but also a necessity to protect your website’s reputation and the data of your users.

How HTTPS reports can help your site

The use of the new HTTPS report in search console can help you identify any issues your site is currently experiencing while serving secure content to your users. The report will be invaluable to webmasters wanting to identify why pages are being served as non-HTTPS and also provide sample URLs where the issues are present. This can allow webmasters the ability to correct any inconsistent content and ensure all pages of their site are giving users the best possible experience.

How do I make sure my site is HTTPS?

To ensure your website uses HTTPS, start by obtaining an SSL certificate from a trusted Certificate Authority and then install it on your web server. Update all internal and external links to use “https://,” configure 301 redirects from HTTP to HTTPS, and inform search engines of the change in Google Search Console and other webmaster tools. Carefully inspect your site for mixed content issues, making sure all resources are served over HTTPS. Regularly renew your SSL certificate and uphold security best practices, such as keeping your CMS and plugins updated. Additionally, consider implementing a Content Security Policy to enhance website security. Adopting HTTPS not only protects your users’ data but also boosts trust and SEO rankings, making it a crucial step for website owners.

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