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Meta Introduces Product Tags via Marketing API

October 27th, 2023

Meta is now allowing the creation and promotion of ads with product tags via the marketing API.

Starting on October 27, 2023 Instagram is allowing advertisers to create and promote posts with Product Tags via the Instagram Marketing API for feed photos, carousel, and existing feed videos. Third party platform users including advertisers will now have it easier than ever in their efforts to utilize Ads with Product Tags in new and existing media posts.

This change hopes to make adding interactive elements to your Instagram Stories ads more streamlined. You can now add product tags to your ads, using the product tag spec under interactive_components_spec. Under ccomponent, Meta has specified you need to include:

curl \
  -F 'name=Sample Creative TESTING' \
  -F 'object_story_spec={
      "link_data": {
            "link": "",
            "attachment_style": "link",
            "call_to_action": {
                "value": {},
                "type": "LEARN_MORE"
            "image_hash": "IMAGE_HASH",
            "image_crops": {},
            "preferred_image_tags": {},
            "media_elements": {},
            "customization_rules_spec": {},
            "retailer_item_ids": {},
            "collection_thumbnails": {}
       "page_id": "PAGE_ID",
       "instagram_actor_id": "INSTAGRAM_ACTOR_ID"

' \
  -F 'interactive_components_spec={
      "components": [
      "type": "product_tag",
      "product_tag_spec": {
        "product_id": 4382881195057752
      "position_spec": {
        "x": 0.5,
        "y": 0.5,
}' \
  -F 'access_token=<ACCESS TOKEN>' \<AD_ACCOUNT_ID>/adcreatives

Read Product Tag Information from Ad Creative with the product_tag Type

You can now get information about the product_id in your product_tag_spec object from ad creative with the product_tag type. To retrieve the product_tag_spec information from your ad creative Meta has specified this usage:

curl -G \
  -d "fields=interactive_components_spec" \
  -d "access_token=<ACCESS_TOKEN>" \

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