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AI-Powered Ads Coming to Google

May 23rd, 2023

With the start of Google Marketing Live in 2013 the move to mobile was in full swing. After a decade it is now time for AI to transform AdWords once again.

Ai has become foundational for Google Ads for many years already helping advertisers maximize ROI and help drive growth for business of all sizes.

Smart Bidding and Performance Max Campaigns

Smart Bidding is a set of automated bid strategies in Google Ads that uses machine learning and historical data to optimize bidding for online advertising campaigns. These strategies are designed to help advertisers achieve specific goals, such as maximizing conversions, increasing website traffic, or improving return on ad spend (ROAS). Smart Bidding takes into account a wide range of factors, including device, location, time of day, and user behavior, to determine the optimal bid for each ad auction.

Performance Max is an innovative campaign type designed for performance advertisers seeking to streamline their Google Ads efforts. With Performance Max, you can harness all of your Google Ads inventory from a single campaign, making it easier to target converting customers across a wide array of Google’s platforms, including YouTube, Display, Search, Discover, Gmail, and Maps.

New Generative AI Advancements Bring AI Front and Center in Google Ads

Google is hoping that the advancements in generative AI can help to increase your ROI even further and show your ads to the most relevant audiences who will convert more frequently. Once of the ways they hope to accomplish this feat is with the new natural-language conversational experience. This is designed to jumpstart your campaign creation and simplify all of your search ads.

Users will be able to add a preferred landing page from their website and Google AI will create a summary of the page and generate relevant keywords, headlines, descriptions, images, and all other assets necessary for your campaign. Google hopes this streamlined approach to campaign management will help users chat their way to better performance.

Automatically Created Assets Supercharged

With the creation of automatically created assets or ACA last year content from your landing pages could be parsed by Google automatically and used to generate headlines and descriptions. Now Google hopes the inclusion of generative AI will help to more effectively create and adapt their search ads based on the users search.

Performance Max Helps to Boost Your Creativity

One of the best examples of AI campaigns driving new leads to website is the performance max campaign which has helped advertised achieve on average over 17% more conversion at a similar cost per action or CPA. Generative AI is now also coming to your performance max campaign to make it even easier to create custom assets and scale them quickly.

How Can Generative AI Help With My AdWords Campaign?

The new Search Generative Experience (SGE) is currently in testing via Search Labs. SGE will help advertisers reach new customers throughout their search journey. This will include custom ad generation based on user search, as well as re-creating the ad dynamically if the user customizes their search further through the process. This will allow relevant ads to be displayed to users with custom automated assets related to their initial query as well as additional customizations the user may take in order to find more relevant information. This will be a change of pace for AdWords in which ads would only display at the top and bottom of each search results page. Google has ensured its users that ads will still be distinguishable from organic search via ad labels and sponsored black label text.

Do you want to get ahead of your competition in the new AI powered Google Ads platform? Contact our Google AdWords Services company today to get started and increase your conversions!


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