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Search Console Introduces Shopping Tab Listings

November 16th, 2022

Google has implemented a new section for search console called Shopping tab listings which aims to help ecommerce websites grow their business and reach new customers.

Should my eCommerce website have search console?

Using Google Search Console for your ecommerce site is crucial. It offers a suite of powerful tools that can help you monitor the health of your website, identify and fix issues, optimize your site’s performance in search results, and enhance user experience. With features like sitemap submission, search analytics, mobile optimization insights, structured data validation, and international SEO support, GSC empowers ecommerce site owners to not only ensure their site is well-ranked and visible in search results but also to address potential challenges promptly, ultimately contributing to the success of their online store.

New Merchant Listings Report

Google has unveiled an extended scope of eligibility for enriched product encounters within Google Search, facilitated by the utilization of Product structured data. Previously accessible exclusively to Merchant Center users, these enhanced product experiences are now accessible to a broader range of website owners. Additionally, we are enhancing the accessibility of comprehensive guidelines and Search Console reporting to offer a clearer understanding of the prerequisites for these enriched experiences.

Structured data can help Google identify the important information on your product listing and ensure it displays for the right customers at the right time. An example of a product offer and shipping details would look like this:

    <title>Nice trinket</title>
    <script type="application/ld+json">
      "@context": "",
      "@type": "Product",
      "sku": "trinket-12345",
      "gtin14": "12345678901234",
      "image": [
      "name": "Nice trinket",
      "description": "Trinket with clean lines",
      "brand": {
        "@type": "Brand",
        "name": "MyBrand"
      "offers": {
        "@type": "Offer",
        "url": "",
        "itemCondition": "",
        "availability": "",
        "price": 39.99,
        "priceCurrency": "USD",
        "priceValidUntil": "2020-11-20",
        "shippingDetails": {
          "@type": "OfferShippingDetails",
          "shippingRate": {
            "@type": "MonetaryAmount",
            "value": 3.49,
            "currency": "USD"
          "shippingDestination": {
            "@type": "DefinedRegion",
            "addressCountry": "US"
          "deliveryTime": {
            "@type": "ShippingDeliveryTime",
            "handlingTime": {
              "@type": "QuantitativeValue",
              "minValue": 0,
              "maxValue": 1,
              "unitCode": "DAY"
            "transitTime": {
              "@type": "QuantitativeValue",
              "minValue": 1,
              "maxValue": 5,
              "unitCode": "DAY"
      "review": {
        "@type": "Review",
          "reviewRating": {
            "@type": "Rating",
            "ratingValue": 4,
            "bestRating": 5
          "author": {
            "@type": "Person",
            "name": "Fred Benson"
        "aggregateRating": {
          "@type": "AggregateRating",
          "ratingValue": 4.4,
          "reviewCount": 89

Shopping Tab Listings

The use of this structured data will now be available for review in search console via the new Shopping tab listings. This new option allows eCommerce websites to keep their product structured data up to date and avoid the need to submit a product feed via Merchant Center. This will help you to get your products quick to the shopping tab on Google and reach your targeted audience even sooner.

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