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Google Confirmation: Backlinks Are Not The Most Important SEO Factor

August 4th, 2020

In July 2020, Google engineer John Mueller, confirmed that backlinks are not the leading factor controlling keyword rankings in Google search.

Are backlinks important? yes,

Are they one of the primary factors in the Google algorithms, that determines which sites rank highest in Google organic search results? no.

Mr. Mueller reiterated that the leading SEO focal points are: content, and the structure and flow of the site itself. Site owners and webmasters should address user experience, code, content, internal cross-linking and sitemaps before activating or participating in external link popularity programs or paid link farms.

Once again, Google recommends focusing SEO efforts internally; on several decisive internal site factors that are responsible for the rapid delivery of unique content that is helpful, relevant and non-computer generated. Site speed, server dependability and quality user experience should be addressed before turning to link popularity, which many times includes: artificial link inflation, paid link schemes, or ‘questionable’ link partnerships all in an effort to sidestep SEO fundamentals. Google’s John Mueller also added that website owners and digital marketing managers should proceed with caution when participating in any paid link popularity programs designed to increase: “link juice”.

Peak Positions offers an exclusive, white-hat link popularity program, that has proven effective for more than 20 years and helps to secure and maintain top keyword rankings by increasing the quality and authoritative value of your website’s backlink profile. It is important to note, that we do not activate our exclusive link popularity program for any website, until all internal SEO factors are optimized.

Some FAQs from the Peak Positions Technical Team

  • Is the site itself fully optimized?
  • Does the site provide unique, relevant, helpful content and a quality user experience?
  • Is the Keyword Flow page to page unique?
  • Does the site have site speed or technical issues that are pulling it down in search results?  such as redirects, 404 broken pages, large image files, or third party content delivery networks (CDNs) slowing up website speed, delivering redundant, duplicate content that is found  on hundreds of other sites? 

All of these internal site factors outweigh the value of backlinks in the Google world.

Googlebot is crawling and caching sites in an effort to determine the value of each individual site.

Also Google and the search engines counter program to defend against external link manipulation that undermines the value of their SERPs.

If you would to maximize keyword exposure in Google; request a free site audit or give us a call — 231-922-9460.

Link to Full Article with Google’s John Mueller:


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