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Search Engine Optimization Industry News Archive:
April 2011

Apple juggernaut sends ripples through tech world
April 29th, 2011

NEW YORK - Consumer technology companies reporting financial results this week are looking like rowboats bobbing in the wake of Apple Inc.'s supertanker.

Close to oblivion in 1997, Apple is now the world's second-most valuable company, after Exxon Mobil Corp. On April 20, it reported net income of $5.99 billion for the January-to-March period, nearly double that of a year ago. It shipped a record 18.65 million iPhones during the quarter. Its iPad tablet computers are so popular, the company couldn't make enough.

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Apple juggernaut sends ripples through tech world.

Facebook planning big for its Menlo Park campus
April 29th, 2011

Facebook Inc. could expand to as many as 9,400 workers in the next six years, an employment boom that might require construction of as many as five more buildings at its new Menlo Park headquarters.

The company's plans would need approval by the city and eight other agencies before Facebook can go forward with its planned move from Palo Alto to the old Sun Microsystems headquarters.

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Facebook planning big for its Menlo Park campus.

Google replants its garage roots in tech workshops
April 26th, 2011

MOUNTAIN VIEW, Calif. - Amid all the free food and other goodies that come with a job at Google Inc., there's one benefit a lot of employees don't even know about: a cluster of high-tech workshops that have become a tinkerer's paradise.

Workers escape from their computer screens and office chairs to weld, drill and saw on expensive machinery they won't find at Home Depot.

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Google replants its garage roots in tech workshops.

Tweeting, deleting help build Rutgers webcam case
April 23rd, 2011

TRENTON, N.J. (AP) - Accused of a hate crime for allegedly using a webcam to spy on his college roommate's same-sex encounter, the roommate of Tyler Clementi is now also finding that it's not just what you tweet, but also what you delete, that can get you in trouble.

Dharun Ravi, accused of using Twitter to invite people to watch Clementi's most private moments, was charged last week with several counts of bias intimidation and invasion of privacy. But perhaps just as surprising were the charges of evidence tampering that an indictment said stemmed from Ravi's attempts to delete text messages and a Twitter post.

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Tweeting, deleting help build Rutgers webcam case.

Amazon still trying to fix computer problems
April 23rd, 2011 is still trying to restore computers used by other websites as an outage stretched into a third day.

Besides selling books and DVDs, Inc. rents out space on computers that run other websites and online services. One of its data centers in Virginia began having problems on Thursday morning.

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Amazon still trying to fix computer problems.

CNET analyzes Google search engine changes
April 18th, 2011

Google's sweeping changes to Web site rankings have roiled the Web industry, including the company's announcement last week that its algorithms now incorporate more "user feedback signals."

The reason Google made such a dramatic change to how it ranks Web sites is simple: Search engine optimizers had learned how to game the earlier algorithm to make low-quality writing more visible than quality content. Instead of preparing Web pages designed to benefit readers, SEO-focused content farms were writing for search engines.

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CNET analyzes Google search engine changes.

Yahoo to retain user search data for 18 months
April 18th, 2011

WASHINGTON - Yahoo plans to extend the amount of time it retains user search records to 18 months from 90 days. The company says it will consider keeping other types of information about its users for longer durations, too.

The new data retention policy marks an about-face for Yahoo. In late 2008, the company became the first big Internet search engine to commit to "anonymizing" a wide range of user data after 90 days in most cases. Such data - including records of Web searches, page views and ad clicks - are used to personalize Web content and target online advertising.

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Yahoo to retain user search data for 18 months.

S Korean search engines file Google complaints
April 15th, 2011

SEOUL, South Korea (AP) - South Korea's top Internet search companies asked the country's antitrust regulator Friday to investigate Google Inc. over whether it restricts competition in the mobile search market.

NHN Corp., which operates the top Naver search portal, and No. 2 Daum Communications Corp. filed complaints with South Korea's Fair Trade Commission.

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S Korean search engines file Google complaints.

Government bows to advertisers over web privacy
April 15th, 2011

The EU regulations require users to give permission for websites to install "cookies" in their browser.

These small text files are frequently needed for basic functions online such as storing usernames and passwords. They are also put to more controversial uses however, including by advertising firms like Google who track users' behaviour and interests as they surf the web.

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Government bows to advertisers over web privacy.

Sergey Brin
January 21st, 2011

Sergey Brin is a co-founder of Google, the search engine and advertising giant, and its president of technology.

In January 2011, Google made the biggest management shake-up in a decade, handing the reins of the company to the other co-founder, Larry Page, in an effort to rediscover its start-up roots.

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Sergey Brin - New York Times Profile.

Google's rapidly rising expenses crimp 1Q earnings
April 14th, 2011

SAN FRANCISCO - Google is helping the economy and hurting its stock. The company is hiring so many employees for projects outside its thriving search advertising business that its expenses are growing much faster than its revenue.

The strategy came into sharper focus in Google Inc.'s first-quarter earnings report released Thursday. Higher costs spooked investors who are already nervous about a new CEO who detests Wall Street's fixation on short-term results.

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Google's rapidly rising expenses crimp 1Q earnings.

Arianna Huffington at centre of bloggers' lawsuit
April 12th, 2011

A lawsuit, filed in the Manhattan federal court, comes two months after Arianna Huffington, co-founder of the website, sold it to AOL for $315m. The lawsuit has claimed that, of that price, at least $105m was the estimated value of the website's unpaid writings, which should now be given to the bloggers.

"The Huffington Post is nothing without the bloggers who created the content," said Jonathan Tasini, a one-time Huffington Post blogger who filed the lawsuit and is seeking class-action status on behalf of the bloggers.

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Arianna Huffington at centre of bloggers' lawsuit.

Microsoft attacks Google over security
April 11th, 2011

SAN FRANCISCO (AP) - Microsoft Corp. is lashing out at Google Inc., extending hostilities between two of the most prominent corporations in the technology industry.

Microsoft claimed Google has been misleading customers about the security certification of its suite of software programs for governments. Microsoft's deputy general counsel, David Howard, blogged on Monday about a newly unsealed court document that shows that "Google Apps for Government" hasn't been certified under the Federal Information Security Management Act.

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Microsoft attacks Google over security.

Facebook Founder wins legal battle against former Harvard classmates
April 11th, 2011

Mark Zuckerberg won a legal battle against former Harvard classmates who accuse him of stealing their idea for Facebook, but the feud made famous on the silver screen is not over yet.

Cameron and Tyler Winklevoss must accept a cash and stock settlement with Facebook that had been valued at $65 million, a U.S. appeals court ruled on Monday. Meanwhile, a New York man filed an amended lawsuit against Zuckerberg on Monday, citing a 2003 email in which Zuckerberg discusses an urgent need to launch his site before "a couple of upperclassmen" could launch theirs, an apparent reference to the Winklevoss twins.

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Facebook Founder wins legal battle against former Harvard classmates.

New Google CEO Larry Page reshuffles exec team
April 8th, 2011

NEW YORK (AP) - Google CEO Larry Page has promoted at least seven executives to head key parts of the company in one of his first big moves since he took over the Internet search company on Monday. The management reshuffle is an attempt at streamlining a bureaucracy that's sometimes bogged down Google even as it became the world's most valuable Internet company.

Page, Google's 38-year-old co-founder, took over from Eric Schmidt, who is staying on as executive chairman. Page has made it a top priority to cut out the bureaucracy and speed up innovation at Google, which is facing threats from new startups, such as Facebook, Twitter and the online deals company Groupon.

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Microsoft attacks Google over security.

FTC, Justice Dept mull Google antitrust probe
April 5th, 2011

WASHINGTON (Reuters) - U.S. antitrust regulators may investigate Google Inc's dominance of the Web search industry, and will settle on the agency to launch a probe once scrutiny into the company's plan to buy ITA software is done, a source told Reuters.

The Federal Trade Commission and Justice Department will decide which has more expertise and whether to launch a formal investigation once the latter wraps up the ITA probe, the source said.

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FTC, Justice Dept mull Google antitrust probe.

Targeted nature of email breach worries experts
April 4th, 2011

SAN FRANCISCO (AP) - Think twice next time you get an email from Chase or Citi asking you to log in to your credit card account. The bank may not have sent it.

A security breach that exposed the email addresses of potentially millions of customers of major U.S. banks, hotels and stores is more likely than traditional scams to ultimately trick people into revealing personal information.

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FTC, Justice Dept mull Google antitrust probe.

Google's Larry Page must mend image of firm, self
April 3rd, 2011

It would take a prolonged investigation and trial to determine whether Google has actually abused market dominance under antitrust laws. But the conclusions of the FTC and the judge in the Google Books case suggest the company is at least testing the boundaries of privacy and copyright rules. In other words, there's a perception problem, because there's a reality problem.

Google Books was reportedly Page's brainchild. It's the perfect example of everything that people find both wonderful and worrisome about Google. Few can dispute the immense social good promised by such an ambitious project: essentially making the corpus of world knowledge instantly searchable by anyone.

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Google's Larry Page must mend image of firm, self.

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