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-Pay Per Click Search Engine Marketing and PPC Campaign Consulting from Michigan SEO Company Peak Positions

-Pay Per Click Advertising Text Message Optimization from SEO Experts in Michigan

-Pay Per Click 'Trigger' Words and SEO Copywriting that increases click through percentages and website conversions 

-Keyword Research we help Michigan companies Find Keyword Gold
(search engine placement and popular keyword phrase hiding just below the surface that offer higher conversion rates than their broad based category defining parents) 

-Google AdWords Insights and Pay Per Click SEO Campaign Optimization

-Overture Paid Search Engine Marketing and Proven SEO Consulting Techniques

-Our Michigan SEO Company veterans help your PPC management team increase website conversions, and maximize internet marketing budgets.

Michigan SEO Company and Search Engine Placement Client Corner
The SEO Consultants at Peak Positions a Traverse City Michigan SEO Company helped us secure and maintain multiple top 5 search engine keyword positions on our primary keyword targets. Peak Positions Michigan SEO Company consulting services and site optimization programs adhere to the spider algorithm ranking formulas used to program the major search engine spiders at; Google, Yahoo-Inktomi, MSN, AOL, Teoma, Lycos, & more. 

"Peak Positions technical knowledge of the algorithm and code formulas currently employed by the family of Googlebot spiders is priceless." 

The SEO Consulting staff at Michigan SEO Company Peak Positions is most professional, dedicated to success, and focused on providing full service search engine optimization, cost-effective SEO Consulting, natural web site optimization services and comprehensive internet marketing solutions. 

"Our year over year revenues are climbing rapidly in a timid economy. If you are looking for an excellent Michigan SEO Company, we suggest Peak Positions of Traverse City, Michigan." 

Michigan SEO Company

Keyword search is the second most popular online activity and goes hand in hand with email retrieval.

94% of all internet sessions involve at least one keyword search.

Over 94% of all first time site visitors are actually delivered to the web site by the major search engines. If your not being found on the major search engines your website is not reaching new in-market customers.

Pew Internet & American Life Project - SEO Company Michigan Overview


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Google Search Engine Optimization Update - New Developments At Google July 2005


Google Earth
Part search tool, part flight simulator: Google Earth gives you a deep dive into terrain, properties, roads, and other real-world features across the globe. Try zooming along a route you select to see the sights from the air. And it's completely free. In the short time it's been live, Google Earth has proved so popular that we've had to turn off downloads intermittently; if that happens to you, please check back again shortly. For Windows only.

Personalized Search
This new improvement to Google search, available on Google Labs, orders your search results based on your search history. And the Search History feature lets you view and manage that history of searches and search results you've clicked on. As you build up your search history, your personalized search results will continue to improve.
Note that you must be logged in to your Google Account to use it.

Google Video Viewer
We introduced Google Video a few months ago as a way to find TV programming content. Then we added an Uploader so that people could add their own videos. Now, logically enough, we've added a way to play back those submitted videos. The Viewer only works for what you find on our site - but it doesn't conflict with your other video playback software.

Blogger Images
For those who use Blogger, now it's easier than before to share the highlights of that Fourth of July parade or your summer vacation. You can upload images from your computer, and even pick the size you prefer
- and voila, they appear instantly in your posts.

Mobile Web Search
These days, more websites are optimized to display information better on small phone and PDA screens, and we've developed Mobile Web Search for that reason. Just type in the URL field on your phone screen (if you get an error message, type Then enter your search query, select "Mobile Web," and scroll up to the "Google Search" button. Press "enter" to see 10 results on the page. Try checking "weather" this way if you're heading out on a picnic.

Google Organic Search Engine Optimization News

"Meta Data Cannot Be Trusted, Content is King" says Peter Norvig

Recent Interview with Google Director of Search Quality, Peter Norvig, confirms that content is king and meta data cannot be trusted.

"In general, search engines have turned away from metadata, and they now try to hone in more on what's exactly perceivable to the user in the browser.

Our hypertext spiders (robot crawlers) are seeking to parse text content, text elements, and engage semantic matching logic with page text compositions."

Peter Norvig,
Google Director of Search Quality

"For the most part we throw away the meta tags, unless there's a good reason to believe them, because they tend to be more deceptive than they are helpful."

Content Relevancy is the determining factor in Google's binary-based, data retrieval keyword search system.

Website Optimization needs to hinge on Content Relevancy in order to make the greatest impact on our system, not links, PageRank, cloaking, or SPAM, the deciding factor is: CONTENT RELEVANCY.

Mr. Norvig also goes onto discuss the advancements being made by Google to target cloaking, sneaky redirects, and web sites using misleading meta tags.

The closing paragraph of this interview is a must read for anyone interested in securing and maintaining premium, natural keyword search positions on the Google results pages.

Learn more about Google's ongoing search quality challenges involving automation, knowledge, spam, growth and more. Mr. Norvig addresses the four leading individual challenges at Google Organic Search.

> > Read Peter Norvig - How Google Keyword Search Works Article

Looking to rank higher on Google?
Discover Google algorithm synchronization. A proven organic website optimization program available exclusively from Peak Positions SEO.

A major focus at Peak Positions is to ensure that all of our accounts secure and maintain premium keyword positions as Google expands. This detailed understanding of how Google works by programming their family of Googlebot spiders and their algorithm ranking formulas, along with our commitment to keeping abreast of all important search engine news as it breaks, helps our roster of search engine optimization clients create significant new revenue streams. That's why the client retention rate at Peak Positions is one of the highest in the search engine optimization industry. Our clients realize that investing in organic search engine site optimization services with a proven entity represents a profitable equity investment.

Many of our SEO consulting clients continue to report staggering return on investment figures. Return on investment percentages derived through expert SEO consulting and search engine optimization marketing campaigns that deliver significant new business revenue streams. Our SEO consulting company clients are realize new business development gains and percentage increases ranging from 300% or 400% up to 8000%. We view our SEO consulting company services as a long-term Return On Equity (ROE) proposition. Engaging a search engine site optimization and SEO consulting partnership with Peak Positions is one of the best long-term marketing investments any company can make. The exclusive organic search engine site optimization and SEO consulting systems available at Peak Positions focus on the technical fundamentals of your company website and form a solid foundation for the future. Our proven search engine site optimization programs and SEO consulting strategies provide the technical infrastructure that allow businesses to incorporate Google SEO best practices and address "search engine friendliness" as site features, elements, and new content solutions are delivered.


The SEO Consultants at Peak Positions offer Google SEO Consulting expertise in:

  • Spider Algorithm Synchronization
  • Search Engine Spiders and the Algorithms powering the leading Robot Crawlers
  • Autonomous Indexing & Keyword Ranking Systems employed by the leading search engines: Google, Yahoo, & MSN
  • Artificial Intelligence Advancements and Machine Learning Technologies employed by Google
  • URLs containing Query Strings (e.g. URLs ending like this: ?a=1&b=2&c=3)
  • Addressing W3C HTML Code Compliance and W3C HTML SEO Code Validation Issues
  • Dynamically Generated and Database-driven Web Sites (e.g. Cold Fusion, PHP, ASP, JSP, CGI)
  • Minimizing graphic elements of a website without sacrificing site design aesthetics
  • Maximizing Link Popularity by Strategically Outlining Interior Cross-Links/Cross-Linking Within Your Company Web Site
  • Terms of Service (TOS) Compliant Manual Web Site Submissions
  • Robots Instructions and Robots.txt Files
  • Exclusive Content Delivery Systems and Relevant Content Natural WebSite Optimization Programs
  • Link Popularity Facts and Fictions
  • URL Naming Conventions
  • Google SEO Best Practices
  • Content Management Systems and the Impact They Have on Natural Web Site Optimization Efforts
  • E-commerce Shopping Cart Functions
  • Database Backends
  • Cookie Tracking
  • Secure URLs

              Learn More About The Leader in Natural Search Engine Optimization Since 1999, Peak Positions.



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