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Mobile SEO… It could be time to take the next step in Your Mobile Search Optimization Efforts by Incorporating Our Mobile SEO and Google Mobile SEO Programs. As cell phone and mobile phone technology and usage continues to evolve rapidly it is time to expand into Mobile SEO and Search Optimization For Mobile Phones.

Peak Positions Creates Google Mobile SEO Solutions That Maximize Website Exposure on Mobile Phones, WAP Browsers and Google Mobile Phones. As mobile phone use skyrockets it is imperative to be found early in Google Mobile Search Results. Our programs naturally optimize websites for top keyword positions in mobile phones.

Google Mobile SEO Success begins with WAP Browser Compliance.

In order to really optimize your site for mobile users, the first step is to ensure your website is mobile compliant. What does that mean? It means that your pages are formatted for mobile cell phone users.

Mobile users are limited with time and screen space so your pages should be created to cater to these users. If you are unsure of what your site looks like when converted to the mobile web platform, perform a mobile search for your site and check it out. You will notice that much of your graphics, layout, bells and whistles are simply disabled, turned off and unavailable; when looking at your site through the eyes of a mobile platform, ask yourself a few questions:

  • Is the information most important to your site at the top?
  • Is your navigation still available?
  • Are the font sizes correct?
  • Does your page visibly look good?
  • If these answers are no, you are not ready for this newly emerging technology.

Mobile phone web pages are created in WML or XHTML and must be W3C compliant. There are new doc types available to place on your pages specifically for cell phone optimized pages.


Our SEO firm is comprised of a world class team of qualified coders, web designers, developers & SEO copywriters who strive to bring clients the highest quality SEO services in the industry.

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SEO for Mobile Phones and Tablets.

Optimize Your Site For Cell Phones, Tablets, and all other screen sizes.

Mobile Search Optimization and Mobile SEO Guidelines:

  • Keep content short
  • Create short, custom titles
  • Develop Mobile SEO Easy Scroll Pages

Extend Your SEO / PPC (Search Engine Optimization / Pay Per Click) Reach With Mobile SEO. Gain a competitive edge and outpace stodgy competitors not yet addressing Mobile SEO. Google Mobile SEO Programs Help Minimize Click Fraud and Maximize Reach and are designed to compliment existing SEO campaigns. Google Mobile and Mobile search engines do not feature sponsored listings at this time and the technology required seems months away. Take Advantage and Secure Top Keyword Positions in Mobile Phones. Peak Positions SEO/SEM Firm Has Mobile SEO Programs For Google Mobile Phones. Our Mobile SEO Programs Deliver Top Keyword Positions in Mobile Search Results.

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